Ron and Sharon Ritchey, Washington, DC

Ron and Sharon Ritchey, Washington, DC

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Our trip to Howth was the best part of our summer trip to Dublin! Mark McHale’s tour of this beautiful seaside town made it come alive. I felt as if I had stepped back into time while viewing some of the most spectacular scenery of Dublin Bay. This tour is fantastic!

Armed with little more than the recommendation to visit Howth and take a walking tour, we met up with Mark McHale at the Dart Station and spent an amazing afternoon touring this beautiful seaside town. Mark directed us to one of the best seafood meals we’ve ever had and a pub that was the friendliest place we could have hoped to watch the sun set. Amazing day!

I’ve never met a tour guide more passionate or fun than Mark McHale. Howth should crown him its favorite son. Visiting this beautiful seaport with a native is a trip worth taking. Go to Howth and see it with Mark!

Go to Howth and take a walking tour with Mark – it’s the best time you’ll spend in Dublin.

Dublin is beautiful but Howth is spectacular with a castle, cliff walk, and Mark McHale!

Ron and Sharon Ritchey, Washington, DC

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